Monday, October 24, 2011

Di tag oleh Anis Norzam

Again . . cikhoneybee di tag. Kali nie di tag oleh Anis Norzam. So SOrry dear sbb lmbt weply. last week busy ngn preparation utk convocation. hehehe . . so, let's cekidot her question ---------->

11 questions from anis norzam (me) :

  1. what type of blood are you ? - dunno lor. never checked
  2. who are your inspiration in fashion ? -  Dunno. haha
  3. where do you get your boyfriend number ? - His Friend send  me SMS using his Phone
  4. which country you felling bad to have visit ? - India
  5. what is your opinion about famous blogger ? - they AWESOME (!)
  6. 3 words when you visit my page ? - simple, vintage, ringan
  7. what was your result for history (spm) ? - A1
  8. are you diplomatic person ? - No. haha
  9. should you smile like a dummy ? - tgk keadaan jgk. haha
  10. are you thin like a wood or fat like a monster ? - average
  11. is it showing off  our "aurat" is sexy ? NO (!) Not At ALL. Jelek sama sekali.
Hari ini sy jwb soalan yg telah di tag oleh CTK dan Anis. hehehe. . . tengkiu sbb tagg. ade jugak la bende yg bule dibuat swaktu boring. kn kn ? hehehe


CTK said...

sejarah kamu A1 dear????????gilew r...haha

justcallmeanis said...

baru cek. hee thanks jawab :) samala kita sejarah. *tetibe :P