Wednesday, August 3, 2011

puisi sengal dipagi hari

Big liar, Get LOSS!. . . 
 well, i know what u doing.
 i'm just wanna see if u really2 honest and a perfect! 
well, u also such a rubbish. just like me. 
so, why don't u change yourself before wanna to change other? 
nobody PERFECT!! 

i'm not idiot just like other 
i'm did try to warn u
i did once, i did twice, i did so many time
don't think u can play fool with me
there is no second chance. no third chance. etc

yes ! i'm hurt.
thank to you
yes ! i'm suffer
thank to you
even though only u are the medicine
right now,
i will let the time recover myself
i want to give a try to steps alone in future

ok, pepagi buta ni kite berpuisi yea. ala ala omputeh pulak pepagi ni. hahaha  . . . ilham sengal pepagi buta ni pulak kn. ok kew puisi ni? agak terabur dan bsepah kn? almaklumlah, dlu mse skula menengah, aku tk sempat nk amek sastera. hahaha . . . layan mimpi jom~

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