Friday, April 27, 2012

Davichi - Old Love [Eng. Sub]

Petang petang ini layan feeling dengan lagu Davinchi :)

Song: Old Love
Singer: Davichi
Album: Amaranth Repackage Vivid Summer Edition


You Don't Know just how much I miss you,
A one-sided love, a lonely love, they are my tears,
even though i'm in pain and stressed,
i'm still happy,
even though my body shattered under cold rain and wind,
it's love, it's pain,
when time passes, it all fades away,
though i say that i'll forget, that will be okay,
that's not right, i can't if it's not you, i can't live
but please don't be hurt,
i'm happy even though my tears come to my eyes

when you in love,
they say that everything changes
they say that you spend the day in nervousness
walking together on the stone cobbled, warm kisses
don't suit me at all, and again only painful tears

i have to bury the word i want to say deep inside my heart
t have to do this for you
just love, just tears,  as much as i want to throw them away
i hold on to them
though i try to convince myself, only missing you remains
to me, loneliness is, my unknown and short love
though it's sad
i embrace it again even though tears fill in my eyes

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